You can control who can view the dashboards, either a broad audience like your organization or just you. In this article you’ll learn the access restrictions mechanism of dashboards

Access restrictions

When you create a dashboard (or edit one of your dashboards) you can choose whether you allow others to access to it (be kind, sharing is caring) or keep it for yourself. You’ll find the following options to set up access restrictions:

  • My organization. Any logged in user in your instance can see the dashboard i.e., open dashboards for the whole organization. And they will see the dashboard “with your eyes”, what you see they will see.

  • Private. Only the creator of the dashboard can see it i.e., private dashboards, only you can see it.

This restriction can be set when you create the dashboard, or accessing through the lock menu. It’s indicated with an unlock icon if “My organization” is selected and with a lock icon if “Private” is selected.

Independently of the access restrictions set in the dashboard creation, my organization or private, the dashboard can be externally shared (see Learn about Public or External Sharing).

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