November 2022

Native gadgets and integrations for Jira Dashboards

This is a big release in every way, breaking the barrier of our own dashboards. Since all our 70+ gadgets and 10 product integrations can be used within Jira Dashboards as native Jira gadgets.

Jira dashboard with Dashboard Hub gadgets and integrations

Read more in our documentation.

Epic Progress: List View

Our highly demanded gadget Epic Progress has a new view: The List View. This view is intended for those cases where the need to display epics goes beyond a few items. All the key information is still available but using a lean design in a list fashion.

Display the progress of multiple epics at a quick glance

Read more in our documentation.

New gadget selection screen

We have simplify the process of finding your gadgets, adding more filters, the top used gadgets and the last released gadgets!


  • Performance improvements in SLA related gadgets and in gadget configuration thanks to data cache.

  • Multi-cards added to the Formula Cards gadget

Bug Fixes

No mercy for the little bugs 🐞🐞🐞 Check more info in the Release Notes of each version.