February 2021

UX improvements

This month we’ve been working on improving the way users interact when creating and using dashboards:

  • Search option in the gadget catalog: With more than 60 different gadgets has become difficult to find the one you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve added search capabilities, so you can find easier the right one!

  • Confirmation dialog to delete gadgets: Sorry for deleting your gadgets without asking, we know, accidents happen, but no more!

  • Full screen dashboard catalog and gadget configuration: We won’t let the space constraint your dreams!

Support Team-managed (former Next-gen) projects

Jira Service Management compatible gadgets work now seamlessly with next-gen projects, enjoy!

Welcome Germany! Dashboard Hub is translated into German

We’re happy to announce that our customers from 🇩🇪 Germany can enjoy the product in their native language. See Does Dashboard Hub Support other Languages? if your language is not supported.

Improvements in the Releases gadget

The Releases gadget comes with several improvements, ideal to report company wide projects and their releases, for example in a given quarter:

  • It's now multi project, so you don’t have to add several gadgets when you handle different projects.

  • The estimation statistic is configurable, choose how the work in the releases is accounted for: Story points (company-managed projects, former classic projects), Story points estimate (team-managed projects, former next-gen projects), Original time estimate or Issue count.

  • The number of releases to be retrieved.

  • The release status of the retrieved releases: Released, unreleased and archived.

  • The period to retrieve. Note that the release date is only mandatory for those releases with status released. Thus, only releases with a release date within the specified period of time are retrieved.

Performance improvements

We’ve reduced the payload and number of requests when gadgets request data, quicker is better!