July 2021

Data Center version is coming

Atlassian announced the ending of sales and support of server licenses, increasing the number of organizations making the move to cloud. While many companies started their journey to cloud, some others are making their way to a data center hosting solution. We receive many requests for our apps to be data center compatible, so this month we’re working hard to get it done. Stay tuned for further news!

By the way, did you know that our dashboards support datasources from cloud, server and data center already? Check this article Hybrid Dashboards: Data from Server, Data Center and Cloud in the same Dashboard

Are you thinking of moving to cloud? Check the Atlassian Migration Program

Bug Fixing Spree

An increment in the number of customers spiked the number of users, and with them, the number of bugs that our engineering team had to fix. For this reason we embarked in a bug fixing spree 🐞🐞🐞