March 2022

Rich Text gadget to provide contextual information

We bring a brand new gadget to add Rich Text to your dashboards. This gadget will allow you to provide contextual information to your dashboards. The instructions to react to a failed deployment, the steps to follow after an incident with a customer or hints to understand your custom charts: Formatted text, links, emojis, lists, images, videos…

Cloud storage

In order to be able to provide some features like Advanced Permissions, increased performance and security enhancements, we are moving away from Atlassian’s entity properties. From now on, our Cloud customers information will be kept in an external Cloud storage service. You can learn more in Where does Dashboard Hub Cloud Store the Data?

Support for the Affected Services field

We have solved a Jira limitation that prevents the value of the field Affected Services to be displayed in the Jira search results. You can read more information in

Bug Fixes

Check more information about some bugs we’ve killed 🐞🐞🐞 in the Release Notes of each version.