September 2022

Formula Cards gadget

As we all know, we cannot perform calculations with our fields in Jira. That’s why we develop this powerful gadget to calculate your own mathematical formulas. Calculate how much do you have to charge for all the billed hours in a project? No problem!

The Formula Cards gadget allows you to create math calculations on fields, and display the result in either an Icon Card (for numerical results) or a Donut Card a card (for percentage results).

Read more in our documentation.


  • The Affected Services field is now supported in the JQL Custom Charts gadget

  • The SLA reports reflect 100% met when no requests are opened during the reported time period. This fixes two issues with Jira Service Management reports (Cloud JSDCLOUD-10282 and for Data Center JSDSERVER-5453)

Bug Fixes

No mercy for the little bugs 🐞🐞🐞 Check more info in the Release Notes of each version.