You can Edit your dashboard layout, configure the Dashboard settings, but also Clone, Delete and Share your dashboards from either:

  • The main dashboards page, where the main top navigation bar offers the Share option, and the top right … menu the rest of the options.

  • The Manage Dashboards page. You can access Manage Dashboards from the top right menu.

Become an expert in dashboards, read Create and Edit your Dashboard!

Manage dashboards

You’ll see a list of all your private dashboards and also the open dashboards (see Learn about Access Restrictions) with their name, owner (the creator), access permission (private or open), if it’s publicly shared, the creation and last update date.

The menu in the last column has the following actions:

  • Dashboard settings where you can edit your dashboard’s details.

  • Clone dashboard to create a new dashboard with the same settings.

  • Delete public link to eliminate the link to allow external access.

  • Delete to completely eliminate the dashboard.

Dashboard settings


Here you can edit the details of your dashboard: Name, description and access restriction.


In the slideshow settings you can:

  • Set the the default time for the slides to advance to the next one.

  • Add more slides to the slideshow.

  • Set the individual time for each slide to advance to the next one.

See Set Up a Slideshow for further information

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