Here you will find the latests updates we implement in Dashboard Hub for Jira and Confluence cloud. You don’t have to do anything, those changes are automatically available in your cloud instance. This page displays the current quarter, for previous months, explore the children pages.

Previous quarter: Q1 2022 News

Here you will find the product news for the first quarter of 2022. Enjoy!

May 2022

Advanced Permissions for dashboards are here!

We are happy to provide our enterprise customers with a granular way to restrict the access to their reporting dashboards. And the way of setting the different levels of permissions are going to sound familiar to many users, since we mimicked Confluence’s page restrictions schema:

  • Anyone can view and edit: Anyone in your Jira or Confluence instance is able to access the dashboard content.

  • Anyone can view, some can edit: Anyone in your Jira or Confluence instance is able to view the dashboard content, but only some users/groups can edit it.

  • Only specific people can view or edit: Only selected users/groups in your Jira or Confluence instance are able to view and/or edit the dashboard content.

Read more details in our documentation Manage Permissions on Dashboards!

Global Access Restrictions are here too!

To avoid the usage of the app among some users and groups, admins can restrict the access to the product i.e., choose which user(s) and group(s) will be able to access to the app functionality.

Read more details in our documentation Manage Global Access Restrictions

Multiproject Jira Service Management gadgets

Now all our Jira Service Management gadgets are multi-project, which means that you can report across your whole portfolio of projects. Do you need to know the workload of all your agents? the customer satisfaction across all support teams? SLAs at organization level? no problem, these gadgets have it covered for you: Time to Resolution, Time to First Response, Created vs Resolved requests, Agents' Workload, Customer Satisfaction, SLA Accomplishment.


Bug Fixes

Our bug hunters are crushing bugs 🐞🐞🐞 like crazy! Check more info in the Release Notes of each version.