August 2022

Scrum Velocity gadget for Agile teams

Long-awaited metric for agile teams to help them forecast delivery dates thanks to the velocity of the team. The velocity is calculated based on the average of the completed estimates from a set of sprints.

The Scrum Velocity gadget is multi-project / multi-board so that you can report across your whole portfolio of Scrum projects!

Read more in our documentation.

Dilbert Strip gadget

As part of our efforts to simplify the migration from Custom Dashboards for Confluence to Dashboard Hub for Confluence, we have delivered the Dilbert Strip gadget 🤗

Read more in our documentation.

Weather Forecast gadget

Wait no more to bring an extra discussion topic to your coordination meetings. Display the weather forecast of a specific region right into your dashboard.

Read more in our documentation.

Filter Rules for Confluence!

In our previous version we released macros for our Confluence lovers and content writers, and we couldn’t resist ourselves… We HAD to launch Filter Rules, so every user and group can be redirected to the right dashboard for them.

Read more in our documentation.

Chinese translation

Many customers had requested this translation, so we couldn’t do anything but brought it today!


  • The Affected Services field is now supported in the JQL Custom Charts gadget

Bug Fixes

No mercy for the little bugs 🐞🐞🐞 Check more info in the Release Notes of each version.