February 2022

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Projectrak Integration - Final Touch

The last bits of the Projectrak integration are here for you!

Feature Parity

Feature parity with cloud. We include in this version the integration with DEISER's Projectrak for Data Center. So, now you can display and leverage the power of project tracking in your Data Center and Server dashboards. Use the PQL Custom Chart gadget to create custom charts from Projectrak data 🪅

Projectrak Integration

Good morning my friends! we bring a brand new release with a nice surprise... The first part of the integration with DEISER's Projectrak. Now you can enjoy all the power of project tracking in your dashboards. There's no excuses, improve the control over your projects!

  • Integration with DEISER's Projectrak 🪅

  • PQL Custom Charts gadget to create custom charts from Projectrak data

You can read more in our blog https://appfire.com/resource/dashboard-hub-jira-projectrak-integration/!

Bug Fixing Spree

We’ve been working on the stability of all our versions (Jira and Confluence) across all hosting options (cloud, server and data center). We know this is not something our final users can see, but we are sure you appreciate 🐞🐞🐞 (check more details in the Release Notes of each version).