June 2021

Server version 1.3.3 for Jira and Confluence

Server is always a step behind of cloud due to the life cycle of our apps. A feature or bug fix in cloud takes way less time to be tested and released, since it has less overhead. Due to this, we have to wait a bit more to prepare a release for server.

But today is that day 🙂 we just released a ton of bug fixes (all bugs detected by customers and several detected by us) and got feature parity with the cloud counterpart.

Happy day to you 💌

Gadget export to png

Our gadgets could already be exported to CSV or XLSX for further treatment outside Jira or Confluence (See Export Gadgets to CSV, XLSX and PNG) but we were missing the export to image format, required by our customers to freeze states of their metrics to create reports, save snapshots or use in other products or services. It’s also the previous step for the full dashboard export to image, which is… the next feature announcement!

Dashboard export to png

Exporting your metrics, gadgets or custom charts is useful, but exporting the whole dashboard to create powerful reports is AWESOME. Add your image to a Confluence or Notion page, send it by email, use it in your social media… Endless possibilities.

Check Create, Edit, Clone, Delete and Export your Dashboard if you need more information about handling dashboards.

Export to CSV/XLSX in the JQL Custom Charts gadget

Not all gadgets provide the data in the same way, so we have to adapt each one of them to export their data. In this occasion, we have been working on the JQL Custom Charts gadget, which now allows exporting to CSV, XLSX and PNG. Enjoy it!

Further information in Export Gadgets to CSV, XLSX and PNG.