Our apps run on servers at Heroku. To improve the performance and security of our services, we perform different requests to our servers with very specific scopes, this means that our apps can call several times to our servers, requesting very specific data.

Make sure your system admin whitelist this URL: https://ronindashboards.herokuapp.com

The problem

A common problem in cloud instances is that some firewalls identify third-party apps' servers as “Not Trustable“, hence, preventing users from accessing our app functionalities.

Identifying if you are affected

To know if you are affected, the first thing that may happen is that you see this screen when you load our app (a blank space with the bottom error):

If you see this screen you might be affected, to confirm that is your case try to open the next url: https://ronindashboards.herokuapp.com/images/dashboard.svg If you are unable to load it and see the next image, then you are affected by this issue.


To test if this solution fixes you problem, you can try disabling the firewall (after testing this enable it again) and launching the app again, then it should work. If it doesn’t open a ticket in our portal.

To make our app work with your firewall you need to contact the system/firewall administrator and ask to whitelist the urls that belongs to https://ronindashboards.herokuapp.com

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