Like a neon sign announcing the last blockbuster, this indicator is a window to the business side of the technological madness: Sales! and with each sale, we are doing a customer a bit happier.

This gadget displays the last sale of a marketplace partner account, no matter the app: App name, the purchase price, the vendor amount, the customer name, the sale date and, in case there is a partner involved, the partner name too.


Name your gadget meaningfully, so everyone knows at a glance what it is about and when to use it. Fill out the rest of the fields as applicable, namely:

  • The datasource, select a Marketplace datasource (see Add and Manage Datasources).

  • The vendor associated with the marketplace partner account.

  • Finally, indicate if you want to use the current settings for all the compatible gadgets in the dashboard. This option eases the pain of configuring one by one the rest of the gadgets with the same default configuration


We are working on our growing catalog of Dashboard Gadgets: KPIs and Metrics and Dashboard Integrations: Supported Products, but contact us you want us to expedite a specific one, visit our Help Center.


This gadget appears in the following dashboard: Atlassian Marketplace Partner template (see Atlassian Marketplace Partner).

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