A template for Atlassian vendors by Atlassian vendors 🤓 a.k.a. Atlassian Marketplace partners. We are more than a thousand vendors with at least one app in the marketplace, and we think it’s about time we have some TLC.

Top vendors by number of apps :

  1. Atlassian Labs with 51 (counted 81)

  2. Atlassian with 50 (counted 90)

  3. Cprime with 41 (counted 39)

  4. Bow Swift with 38 (counted 41)

  5. Seibert Media with 33 (counted 32)

This dashboard comes with a set of gadgets to track, evaluate and share with your team how your apps are doing in terms of sales, evaluations, reviews, active installations, users, downloads… And we are more than happy to listen to your needs to improve and create new gadgets.


This dashboard template comes with a set of gadgets that you can organize as you see fit: Configure, remove or add more gadgets (see Add and Configure Gadgets).