Confluence has become the favourite document collaboration tool for millions of users and to be honest, in RoninPixels we are fans of this great product. Any piece of corporate knowledge which requires a bit of collaboration is candidate to be on Confluence.

However, having it as source of truth doesn’t mean it’s the only piece in complex projects. Teams rely on different products to carry on projects or provide customer services and that’s why we created this gadget.

For example, to list all the pages (type = page) in the space “Teams in Space” (space = TIS) with the label space_mission (label = space_mission) you’ll type the following CQL query

space = TIS and type=page and label = space_mission

Have a look to the complete CQL documentation to master queries in Confluence

This gadget brings Confluence content (pages, posts, etc.) to your team’s dashboard, displaying content based on a given CQL query. Introduce a CQL query to filter and return content (pages, posts, etc.) from a Confluence instance, and select the columns to show.


Name your gadget meaningfully, so everyone knows at a glance what it is about and when to use it. Fill out the rest of the fields as applicable, namely:

  • The datasource, where the Confluence instance is installed.

  • The columns that will appear in the list to display the search results. The title is set by default as the minimum column to be displayed.

  • The CQL (Confluence Query Language) query to filter the list of content (see the CQL documentation). If you don’t add any, the gadget will not request any content, because it would fetch all the content in the source instance, causing performance issues. You have to add at least one clause, for example to list a space space = TIS. And remember that the gadget returns the results of the query, which are not fixed and could change over time.

  • Finally, indicate if you want to use the current settings for all the compatible gadgets in the dashboard. This option eases the pain of configuring one by one the rest of the gadgets with the same default configuration


  • :confluence:

We are working on our growing catalog of Dashboard Gadgets: KPIs and Metrics and Dashboard Integrations: Supported Products, but contact us you want us to expedite a specific one, visit our Help Center.


This gadget is not included in any pre-defined dashboard, check other orphan gadgets:

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