DevOps is about teams, not about an individual person’s job. It’s about communication and collaboration between development, IT and operations teams. And at the heart of the DevOps movement there are rooted practices like continuous integration and delivery, integration, automation and deployment. Every single of these practices produces outputs that require a constant monitoring.

This dashboard groups gadgets to help monitoring all the processes involved in the DevOps chain. By bringing together all the involved tools into a single source of truth, teams can deliver value quicker and in a more efficient way.

Transmit to the involved teams information about the last deployments, critical incidents or who is on-call duty when an alert or a service is down. Combine these gadgets with others from Scrum Software Team template or IT Service Management Team template.


This dashboard template comes with a set of gadgets that you can organize as you see fit: Configure, remove or add more gadgets (see Add and Configure Gadgets).