Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) refers to all the activities that organizations do to offer IT support and services to customers and employees. Software solutions has to ensure that all the involved teams work together as efficient as possible and ideally, provide a complete end-to-end experience.

This dashboard provides a set of gadgets to facilitate the spot of business changes, so the ITSM team can deliver an amazing employee and customer experience.

From a rapid detection of requests' debt (how quick your request are created vs resolved), or SLAs radiators, to customer satisfaction or key services status. Agents will collaborate and respond better and quicker, thanks to a easier adaptation to the daily changes and challenges.

Check the DevOps Software Team template to see how to integrate Ops teams in your flow of work


This dashboard template comes with a set of gadgets that you can organize as you see fit: Configure, remove or add more gadgets (see Add and Configure Gadgets).